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WHo we are


who we are

The NU progressive student alliance exists in order to educate, discuss, and plan actions around issues of social justice. Our purpose is to create a forum in which to raise awareness and take action on these issues.

our history

PSA was formed in the spring of 2001 as a non-hierarchical activist organization of Northeastern students. Our first action was mobilizing to protest the Summit of the America’s FTAA Ministerial Meeting in Quebec City. Afterwards we supported students in the African American Institute in their struggle to keep their building. We have since hosted many speakers and teach-ins, created an outdoor memorial to victims of terrorism worldwide, held a spring festival and organized a „Justice for Janitors” campaign on campus which helped to secure a better contract for thousands of workers and their families.

our future

PSA will continue to fight the corporate model of globalization that serves profits over people. We plan to continue and intensify our campaign against the Free Trade Area of The Americas, and to begin a campaign on the very related issue of Plan Colombia. We hope to work with other student groups, Student Government, and the administration to empower students on campus and in all their communities. We will also continue to oppose the Bush Administration’s objectiveless war on terrorism, and closely follow what part of the world it moves to next without forgetting about Iraq. Lastly we will resist the outrageous and racist attacks being made on civil liberties in the name of national defense.

our present

We live in an age when freedoms are exchanged for security at the expense of our social safety net. Our leaders initiate wars, and then cut veterans benefits for the working class women and men who do the fighting. Politicians approve massive tax cuts for themselves and their friends, while simultaneously slashing funding for healthcare and education. To remain neutral is to give tacit approval to the murder of civilians, enviromental devastation, and the expanding disparity between rich and poor. We are ommitted to bringing to light the injustices perpetrated against humanity and our planet. To this end we have several current campaigns.

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