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Marketing tips

Tips For a Successful Promotional Campaign

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your promotional dollar:
Tailor your promotional item to your target audience –
Use office items, such as mouse pads, letter openers, etc. for your prospects who work in an office. Use household items, such as refrigerator magnets, jar and bottle openers, calendars and bag clips, for residential clients.
Rotate or Change Your Look –
If you do several trade shows a year, change the look of your display, printed material, give aways and even your trade show dress. If your prospect attends the same shows you do, they may assume you have nothing new to say because everything looks so familiar. It also helps keep you sales people attentive and energized when they have a new look.
Be Colorful!!
People visualize in pictures. The more vivid an image, the deeper the impression, the longer the memory! If your budget permits, always use all of your logo colors. They are part of you image – part of your picture

To Avoid Costly Problems, Here Are Some Money (and Time) Savings Tips . . .

Order all of your printed and custom items in plenty of time
Make sure your artwork is just the way you want it to be
Order all the product you need the first time

Start Promoting before the Event –
Studies have shown that 76% of attendees of a trade show have already decided which companies they will visit even before arriving.
Make a Better Impression –
A survey was conducted of people who receive promotional items During this survey 56% had a favorable impression of the advertiser before receiving a promotional product. It was increased to 71% after receiving them.

And last but not least . . .

Follow Up with Your Prospects!
After spending money and time on making a great impression and collecting all of those leads, don’t let your sales department to forget to follow up!

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