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Blue planet sound like money planet but different is in theme. WHen you talk about money planet you can think about cash. If cash, this is easy to find on recomended site . When you talk about Blue Planet you can read more here. Blue Planet is a unique science fiction roleplaying line from Biohazard Games. Designed from the ground up to be a compelling, hardcore roleplaying experience, Blue Planet is intended for the serious, mature gamer looking for rich and realistic adventure. The product line focuses on true roleplaying, quality of story and depth of background. Blue Planet presents a world of intense conflict, elusive mystery, and high adventure, interlaced with an over-arching story and progressively developing plot lines. Biohazard initiated the product line with the release of the world/rule book at Origins ’97. If you have been waiting for a truly hardcore synthesis of a dark future setting, compelling storyline and intense roleplaying, then your wait is coming to an end.


Blue Planet was nominated for 1997 Origin’s Award „Best Role-Playing Game of the Year.”

The first Blue Planet supplement, this book brings to life the islands of the Pacifica Archipelago, the most heavily colonized region of Poseidon. Archipelago contains maps and detailed descriptions for select regions and settlements within the Archipelago, as well as profiles for over a dozen of the major personalities that call the colony world home. The book also contains regional additions to the GEO field guide and the latest discoveries regarding Poseidon’s enigmatic aborigines. Archipelago is awash in player background and moderator secrets alike, and is an indispensable guide to anyone who plays Blue Planet.

You asked for it, and now you’re got it! Access denied is the Blue Planet Game Moderator’s Screen, and it contains all the …ah …well …er …access denied stuff that a GM needs to keep the action hot and … ah…wet. In addition, the screen will contain a 28 page booklet filled to the gills with Access Denied plot developments and adventure ideas created by you, the BP player. So, put on your water-wings Newcomer, its time to go for a swim…


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